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A Mouse's First Christmas

A Mouse's First Christmas: A Holiday Tail

What would you do if you brought home your Christmas tree only to discover you had stolen an innocent mouse’s home?

A Mouse’s First Christmas: A Holiday Tail tells the story of Samuel Mouse, who lives in the perfect home, in the perfect tree, on a perfect mountainside – until the Atwell family brings his tree home.

Desperate for a new place to live, Samuel discovers a magical Christmas village beneath his tree. But its townspeople live in fear of a terrible beast and they soon set their sights on Samuel. Can Samuel save himself and his home? In this brave, thrilling, holiday adventure, Samuel Mouse discovers the magic and meaning of Christmas, friendship and love…all while his greatest dream comes true. Even adults will love this 170-page chapter book, featuring beautifully illustrated chapter headings. A perfect read for Grades 2-6!

Half of the author's profits from this book are donated to organizations that provide gifts to needy children.

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Reader Reviews

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I finally had some time to read your book while returning from a trip.  It was clever, fun, and interesting.  It also tugged at my heart in more than a few places and I shed a tear or two! Good job!”
    -G. Gundersen

“Been meaning to tell you how much we're enjoying your book! I read to the kids every night… They both love it! Jake said we should
steal the story and make it into a movie! He laughs out loud at funny spots. Can't wait to see where the story goes... Congratulations on a job well done!”
    -R. Smith

 “I finished your book last night.  Really enjoyed it.  Can't wait for my nieces and nephews to read it too. Congratulations!”
    -T. Longnecker

“I read it and loved it. A great book for kids!”
    -B. Bennett

“I finished it last night and I highly recommend this enchanting holiday read, for children of all ages!”
    -P. Schumacher

“I just started reading...love the action description with the owl at the beginning. Plan to use it during Writer's Workshop next week as a mentor text!”
    -J. Moumne

“You have my recommendation. It's a very sweet story with more action and excitement than I anticipated. The characters took me by surprise.”
    -M. Lechner

“Terrific book! Read the entire thing the other night before sending it up to my new nephew for Christmas.”
    -A. Malafronte