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We're excited to announce the release of C.G. Barrett's latest novel, The Odd Fellows Society, a mystery/thriller set in Washington, D.C. Visit the novel's page here.

The book is available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple's iTunes Store, and Kobo.

C.G. Barrett is a writer, editor and magazine publisher. His humorous columns about life with his three daughters and wife have appeared in numerous parenting magazines across the United States. His popular novels have included both young adult and adult fiction in the genres of fantasy and mystery. He lives with his wonderful family in Tampa, Florida. 

Barrett is available for readings and signings and can be reached at info@cgbarrett.com.

Readers’ Enthusiastic Responses to The Odd Fellows Society

“A thrill-a-minute adventure…Barrett is a wordsmith who takes readers on a wild emotional ride with twists and turns that rival any roller coaster. His varied array of characters ring true and etch themselves into the readers' minds. And after turning the final page, readers find themselves eagerly hoping that this is not the end of the tale, but the beginning of a series of Fr. Torres stories.”

“A great thriller! I loved how the story put the pieces of the puzzle together while taking you for a ride through iconic locations in Washington, D.C. The engaging characters and the fascinating twist and turns kept me reading late into the night.”

“Could not put it down. On all the major elements it scores an "A" - plot, character, flow and tempo…The cover can be a bit deceiving; this is not a religious book nor particularly "churchy." It takes a simple idea – murder as a cover for conspiracy - and places it within the life-story of a man struggling for authenticity…I've come to admiration and affection for Fr. Santi. PLEASE let's follow him some more!”

“This book has everything I want in a mystery.....a story that keeps you guessing mixed with humor and history. I hope this will be the first of a series of Fr. Santi mysteries.”

“Phenomenal read, great action, loved the main character.....couldn't put it down…And did I fail to mention an incredibly thought provoking storyline in the guise of a thriller with a treasure hunt…, AND two handsome Puerto Rican men?”

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